The Magic of Active Release Technique (ART)

In this blog I want to share with you my experience of Active Release Technique and how it helped improve my mobility and reduce my pain.

A couple of months ago I went to visit my brother and his fiancé down in Lincoln. They’re both very fit, gym attending, cross fit attending, healthy people…basically everything I am not (even before I got ill).

My brother Dan, sister in law Emma and their amazing rescue dog Boss.

I massively admire their dedication to health and fitness and their ability to eat an ungodly amount of Krispy Kreme donuts on cheat day!

Due to their lifestyle they do get the odd gym related injury and as such they need to have a good Sports Therapist. That’s where Naylor’s Sport and Occupational Rehab comes in. They are a rehabilitation and injury specialist who recently expanded their family run business and opened into new premises.

My brother booked me an appointment with Andy Naylor during my visit because he hoped Andy might be able to help alleviate some of my joint pain using his specialist techniques. As with all things chronic pain, it can be difficult to know what will work and what won’t, but I am a huge believer in try anything once. When I started my blog, I knew I would be writing an article about my experience at Naylor’s because what happened in that room that day I swear may have been magic!

The difference ART made was instant, it felt like magic.

Those who know me would never believe it, but I get incredibly nervous meeting new people, so being a proper grown up I made my brother come into the appointment with me. I needn’t have worried, Andy put me at ease immediately. First, he spent some time talking to me about my health. I was so impressed by his knowledge and the fact he had researched Rheumatoid Arthritis prior to me attending. It was so refreshing to walk into a room where the professional cared enough to find out about my condition. It was even more refreshing when he asked me lots of questions about my specific symptoms and day to day life, so he could decide on the best treatment.

Naylor’s Sport and Occupational Rehab treatment room.

We then moved onto the treatment stage. Andy showed me the range of movement and mobility in each of my joints prior to active release, then he did what I can only assume is magic (okay it was a very informed, scientifically based treatment). The treatment restored full mobility in every joint and for the first time in years I was able to bend and put my hands flat on the floor. I felt like an Olympic gymnast in that moment!

Whilst treating me Andy explained what he was doing and how the treatment worked. He used Active Release Technique (a hands-on skill) to release tight muscle tissue around all my joints. He then used postural strengthening exercises to rebalance my body’s equilibrium between the anterior and posterior muscles. We then did stretching exercises to help mobilise the joints to ensure they were back to their position of normality. This meant they could now function efficiently whilst allowing the new equilibrium that he had created between my anterior and posterior muscles to be sustained after the session. Towards the end of the session Andy taught me some exercises to do at home to maintain the work we had done and reduce my pain by maintaining better postural balance and skeletal function. Andy also offered fantastic after care, checking in with me after treatment. This bloke genuinely cares about his clients.

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ARE YOU MOBILE ???? Being mobile is crucial for reducing injury risk, being able to create full ROM in a joint and having a better level of muscle activation when training Try these three movements In the pictures on your bed laying down, the client we have performing the movements is a bodybuilder who when he first came to us six weeks ago had bad mobility and struggled with basic movements So over the past six weeks we have worked with him to get his postieor mobility better so that he can get better results in the gym in regards to muscle activation, reducing fatuige rates and helping with the adding if new muscle mass through his training routine and the effects of hypertrophy. Do you find these movements hard or can you not do them at all ? If so get in contact with the Naylor brothers and let us get you the mobility your body needs and help reduce the risk of injuries and help with performance of day to day activities. Contact us on here directly or on 07957637147 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #dailyinfo #dailyinspiration #lincolnshire #lincoln #sportstherapist

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I was gobsmacked at how effective this technique was for me. Not only did I have better mobility and movement, it did genuinely reduce my pain levels. It seemed so simple I wondered why no medical professional had ever recommended it, then I wondered if they were even aware such techniques can benefit those with chronic conditions.

I take so much medication daily, that I am loathed to add to it and it was so liberating to achieve some reduction in my pain levels by using a treatment other than taking additional pain medication. I have continued to feel the benefits of even just one session, and I know if I lived closer I’d be attending the clinic regularly because it really has been so beneficial. The home exercises have helped massively, but due to a recent bad flare up I was unable to do them for a couple of weeks, so I really need to get down to Lincoln again soon for another session!

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Everyday when we here from clients (either from reviews or through our contact aftercare system) we get such a sense of pride for what we do Getting this today from a client on social media was the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Finding that our rehab has helped a client function with a very serious condition that causes her so much pain and discomfort makes what we do all the worth while more We all ways say this about everyone's rehab and we will continue to say it, "everything we do is purpose built for you, non of this generic rehab and generic exrcises from the gym and the internet to try and fix you, it's purpose built exrcises for you issues to ensure we get you back to full mobility and help with serious conditions like what @rachtait88 , we always say to every client that we are just doing our job and that this is what injury rehabilitation should be. We set the standard in injury rehabilitation and aftercare and we will continue to, so if you are having issues then come to the Naylor brothers and let us fix your issues Contact us on here directly or on 07957637147 or 07577785401 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #sportstherapist #injuryrehabilitation #injuryrehab #dailyinspiration #dailyinfo #lincolnshire #lincoln

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The reason I wanted to write this blog is because it may be a technique you haven’t heard of or thought about trying for chronic pain. The sessions Andy offers are very affordable so if you’re in the Lincoln area get in touch with him. If you’re not, research this technique and see if someone in your area offers it. It is worth a go! It wasn’t always a comfortable process, but the benefits far outweighed some mild discomfort and I am willing to try anything if it might reduce my pain levels, even slightly.

Thanks for reading, I hope this has been a useful article and I haven’t just made you crave Krispy Kreme donuts. Huge thanks to Andy from Naylor’s Sports and Occupational Rehab for allowing me to share my experience in this blog!

For more information watch the video below.