#DoctorsAreDickheads. What is the hashtag about and why does it matter?

So this week the hashtag “Doctors are Dickheads” has been trending on twitter. It’s received a lot of attention from the Chronically Ill/Disabled community and the medical community alike.

But where did #DoctorsAreDickheads come from?

Well it came about when a Youtuber named Stevie Boebi made a video about finally getting a diagnosis for her chronic illness after years of being gaslit by medical professionals. Stevie has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and made the video to share a bit about her journey to getting that diagnosis and what it meant to her. She was treated badly by many of the medical professionals she encountered on that journey and ended the video by saying “Doctors Are Dickheads.

Kim Sauders then tweeted about it, encouraging others to share their stories of being gaslit and abused by the medical community using the hashtag “Doctors are Dickheads”. The hashtag quickly began to trend as the chronic illness and disabled community united together to share their heart-breaking stories of abuse, negligence and being gaslit by doctors. Finally, the spot light is on the people who have been dismissed, written off, treated badly, abused, disbelieved and gaslit by medical professionals and we are using it as an opportunity to educate and work towards positive change.

The hashtag is not without its controversy and many in the medical community have been vocal about their anger at the words used in the hashtag. However, it hasn’t all been bad, and many more doctors and medical staff have been using it as an opportunity to listen and learn.

For more information, and some important points about the words of the hashtag and the stories behind them, please watch the video below.